Why Passing Off Your Work Will Make You Feel Like a Hero

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.
— Christopher Reeve

You hold the world in your hands.  All of life depends on you, or so it seems.  As a business owner, you have more on your plate than you can handle.  You consistently walk into the unknown and face your fears on a daily basis. Your life is about overcoming one obstacle after another.  You have employees to hire, people to fire, money to make, business to take, content to write, competition to fight, social media to post, egos to boast, emails to send and ears to bend.

Wouldn't it be better if you could EASILY pass off your work to an experienced person without having to take your precious time to manage them? Is it possible to get basic consulting services with minimal effort?  

There are many types of businesses that have made ordering their services simpler.  You can order just about anything online for a fixed price.  Why haven't consultants developed a simple fixed price strategy?   

I already hear people shouting, "You can't do that because you don't know how to price work that is unknown!" 

For a digital marketing consultant, tasks such as email marketing or social media campaigns are quite common and the number of hours to perform each task is usually known. Most consultants price work after an initial consultation (or several).  However, wouldn't it make life easier if you could buy standard consulting products with the click of a button?


It isn't as hard as some consultants might lead you to believe


In reality, a fixed price package can be created for just about anything but the price may be too high (not competitive) based on the amount of risk the consultant is taking on.  There are some consulting items that may not be worth the risk of setting a fixed price. 

  • Requests to improve profits/engagement by a certain percentage. You have no idea where the company is in their process so you cannot adequately determine a price.  It will be dependent on each business and where they are in their lifecycle. 
  • Establishing a brand (dependent on what the business is and what their goals are) 
  • Conducting research (depends on type of information to be collected and its use)
  • Conducting A/B testing (depends on what you are testing and how quickly you can collect data)

However, there are consulting tasks that can be easily quantified and the price can be set.

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Basic marketing material
  • Social media campaigns
  • Content creation


Be The Hero


Your life doesn't need to be complicated.  

You can pass off a lot of the work you don't have time for and save money in the process.  It is possible to order standard consulting products with the click of a button all the while saving yourself a big headache.