Digital Marketing Coordination

You need to start a targeted email marketing campaign but who has the time?  What will you put in your social media outlets this week? What topics are hot right now?  You really need to coordinate all your digital marketing efforts. You have so many things to do, why not hire someone to worry about those things for you?

Market Research & Analysis

You are starting the business you have dreamed about your entire life.  You know that you should be researching your target market, your competitors, and a million other things.  What should you start with? I can help you determine what research needs to be done, organize that research, complete the research and present the results. 



Business Management

You just started a small business and have got as far as getting a Facebook page posted and some social media accounts set up. What do you do now? How do you proceed in getting leads and clients? How do you coordinate all the different activities associated with your business and tie them to your business strategy?

Data Reconciliation and Analysis

Your marketing efforts just don't seem to be bringing in many leads.  You need to get real data to determine what updates you need to make to your marketing plan.  How do you make the time to reconcile all the data coming in from your digital marketing efforts?  What data do you collect? What does the data mean? What story does it tell?