Startup  Planning

You are starting the business you dreamed about your entire life.  You know that you should be researching your target market, your competitors, and a million other things.  What should you start with? We can help you determine what research needs to be done, organize that research, complete the research and present the results. 

Digital Marketing Coordination

Do you have a digital marketing strategy? SEO, blogging, email marketing, social media management, website management, and PPC.  These are tools you need to put together for a solid inbound marketing strategy.  We will help you understand what tools  will work best for you and help develop a strategy that fits with your business brand.  Don't miss our blog on inbound marketing here.  



Website Updates

You spent a lot of money getting your website developed.  It's beautiful and works well for you but, like most businesses, things change rapidly as you grow.  There are many small changes that need to be done (prices, offered services, events,...) but you don't want to pay web designer prices.   We can make minor changes for you on either Squarespace, Wix or Wordpress for significantly less than most web developers.  

Data Reconciliation and Analysis

Your marketing efforts don't seem to be bringing in many leads.  You need to get real data to determine what updates you need to make to your marketing plan.  How do you make the time to reconcile all the data coming in from your digital marketing efforts?  What data do you collect? What does the data mean? We will gather, organize, and analyze the data for you. 


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