Starter Website Page (One-page website):

The first thing that anyone will tell you is that you must have a website. However, a full website can cost you $3000 or more. As a new author, you probably can’t afford costs like that. You can still have a website but it can be simple. The website will showcase your newly published book and it will help with ranking on Google.

Basic Website Page —$800 (not including any cost associated with hosting)

This service includes:

  • Setting up the host for your domain

  • Installing an SSL certificate (making your site secure)

  • Creating a one-page, three-section website on Wordpress (includes 3 revisions).

Website Updates Package:

Like most businesses, things quickly change as you grow. There are many small changes that need to be done (prices, offered services, events,...) but you don't want to pay web designer prices. We can make minor changes for you on either Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix for significantly less than most web developers. No contracts required!

Basic Package - This package includes 10 basic changes per month (no design changes) -- $59/month

Basic changes include things like:

  • Editorial Changes

  • Price updates (not related to e-commerce plug-in)

  • Contact information updates

Email Marketing:

Have you collected a lot of email addresses through your website or newsletters? Email lists degrade at a rate of approximately 30% per year. If you’ve been collecting this information for years, there are many email addresses that are no longer valid and will decrease your open rate and potentially ruin your reputation as a sender. You can read more about email marketing here.

Email List Clean-up - This package includes removing outdated or bad email addresses from your list, ensuring all email addresses are deliverable, and making updates to your CRM or email marketing software of choice (i.e. Hubspot, Zoho, Mailchimp) -- $200