Can We Blame it on Obama or Trump?



Don't despise me for using such a cheap trick — using names that will get more attention than mine.  I have learned to accept, in many cases, cheap tricks are needed.  The chances are this trick won't work.  All I can do is hope that the heart I put into this will mean something to someone.  


I used to have money.  I wasn't rich but I had much more than I needed.  I felt I worked hard to achieve it.  I had a lot of toys but a diminishing amount of friends — interesting how that works.  People spend their entire lives trying to get more stuff yet most people will despise you the more stuff you have.  I will save that as a topic for another day.  


I made $17,000 last year.  That wasn't some manipulation to get out of paying taxes or a crash to a sudden life of crime or drugs (I imagine I would be making a lot more money).  It was my fault.  I took a gamble on a few business ideas and it didn't work.  I invested in real estate right before the real estate crash.  I owed money to banks right when the middle class had to pay the bill for massive debt.  I started a tricky business (private jet charter company) but once I saw the reality, I couldn't do the things I needed to do to make it work (it was icky stuff).  I could sit here and blame everyone.  I won't.  I just followed the American dream and in most cases, the "dream" was a nightmare. 




I carry my badges of honor yet today I realize they mean nothing.  I struggled to get an advanced education (put myself through school).  I competed for a good, steady government job where I worked my ass off and took every shitty job they would give me (by the way, there are many government employees that work very hard).  I put every cent I could into my retirement because that is what "they" said to do. 


I earned those badges but who cares? 


Today I am just a poor, over-educated, over-experienced, ballzy girl that STILL wants to create a successful life and business.  That being said, the flame has waned over time and sometimes it is completely diminished.  My experience reflects that I won't be successful, statistics show I won't be successful, and life has certainly shown me that I won't be successful.  So, what do I do now? 




Who can I blame it on? 


I sit here and drink my cheap glass of wine and I think maybe I should be running right now.  Yikes, running!!!  No, not running for President....running for fitness or running for my life.  I spend 16 hours a day on my computer hustling my way to another dream.  Why aren't I running? 


I live a simple life. Mostly uplifted by seemingly meaningless things like buying good cheese, having enough gas in my car, petting my cats and paying for some new underwear once in a while.   


Somedays it seems that every pleasure I could embrace (reading, cooking, swimming, watching movies,....) is sucked by some cold corporation, control freak, or evil monster who needs to make their pitiful existence justified.  I look around and wonder...


What is worth anything?


Adventure, fun, relationships, camaraderie and doing things for others... that is what makes the world a better place.  


Am I doing any of these things?  Are you doing any of these things? 


Everyone takes, takes, takes.  The days of giving seem to be in the past.  We are given false promises of a dream life and then we spend our lives trying to fulfill those illusions. Why do we believe the promises of those that have intentions of taking our integrity, money, and self-empowerment?  Age has given me wisdom that I haven't started to appreciate yet. I can see that the fairy tales told to me most of my life don't mean what I thought they meant.  



Here is what I know...


- If you are a dreamer who uses every wit, dollar, and ounce of hustle you have, you will probably fail.  Yet, there are still self-made billionaires.

- If you think some magic law from our government is going to come along and protect you, you are wrong.  Laws are made to protect those that have a "voice" to get things moving. 

- If you think there isn't a good, loving soul on earth, then you are wrong.  Everyone has it inside of them. Perhaps it is you that can't see it. 

- If you think you are getting screwed, you probably are. Why aren't you doing anything about it? 

- If you think you aren't worth anything better then you won't find anything better. 

- Happiness comes to those that are happy.  



So what is the secret? What do the enlightened know? 


They know that you are the only one that can make a change.  


I know I disappointed you by not following through with my catchy political title.  I have my political opinions but that isn't what this is about. It isn't about political parties.  It isn't about money.  It isn't about education.  It isn't about status.  It isn't about your stuff.  It isn't about my stuff.  It isn't about the weather.  It isn't about this country.  It isn't about taxes.  It isn't about healthcare.  It isn't about injustice. It isn't about attacking the system.  


It is about life.  The life you have to take for yourself. The life you will choose to participate (or not participate) in.  It is about showing the world you care about the things you care about and following through even though you may be tired at the end of the day. 


What do you care about? Why aren't YOU doing anything about it?