8 Ways To Make Running Your Business Easy-Peasy

Man relaxing after Running a business


Do you have the time to take one day off with your family?  If you are like many business owners, you work 7 days a week. For every minute you take off, you pay for it later.  You spend a lot of your time working on small tasks that you know are important (because they bring in leads) but you need to spend more of your time planning for the future and ensuring that you are achieving quality results for your current customers. 

Previously, I introduced you to my friend Fretful Fred who is starting a brand new construction business. He is overwhelmed with so many things to do and he feels that he is not achieving any of his goals.  He considers many of these goals to be very important to growing his business.  Fretful Fred talks to his trusted and wise mentor Yoda and says, "I don't know how to get everything done? I love what I do but I feel overwhelmed. Can you give me some tips on how to make running my business easier?"

Yoda says, "Easy life can be.  Show you I will."



Many people cringe when they hear "schedule".  Aren't entrepreneurs supposed to be living a life free of corporate drudgery? A schedule doesn't have to be filled with all of your least favorite tasks.  The great thing about being the owner is that you can make the schedule exactly how you want it.

The most important thing to remember is to make a schedule that reflects reality (including the average amount of time you spend on "fires").  Spend one day writing down EVERYTHING you do. Then compare that to what you want to be doing.  Balance the two and create a schedule that works for you and is realistic. 

Fighting a fire

Break up your schedule into short term and long term tasks. Put tasks that require a lot of brainpower during a part of the day that is reasonable.  Incorporate breaks and exercise (it is very easy to let this go if you don't find a time to schedule it).

If you are spending too much time on "fires", this is an indication that something needs to be fixed and that should become the number one problem you address.  Re-evaluate and adjust as needed.  Drop things immediately that don't work.  It takes a sacrifice in the short run to make everything better in the long run.  



Social Media can be the biggest time waster.  Social Media is important to your business but it is just one aspect of your overall marketing strategy.  It is easy to "check up" on your accounts and the next thing you know, you just wasted three hours looking at funny animal videos and political spoofs.  Stay away from social media except for specific times you designate in your schedule.  It is hard but you will appreciate how much time you have left for other important tasks.



Small tasks like sending out email campaigns and setting up social media accounts can take a lot of time.  These things are important to bringing in leads but can be tedious for those interested in pursuing other things.  Hire a consultant to do your email marketing or social media campaigns.  Unlike most consultants who charge by the hour, Elissa Talley Consulting charges a fixed price for these tasks. The cost is small yet email marketing has proven to have a Return on Investment (ROI) of 4,300%! Yes, you read that correctly.

(Source: http://www.elissatalley.com/blog/2016/11/20/email-marketing-isnt-dead-here-are-6-signs-it-is-kicking-ass)



Filing Frog Running a Business

Most people cringe at the thought of filing and organizing.  There are a few freaks out there that love it.  Regardless, you should spend one day developing a plan for file storage, organizing your electronic files and categorizing your inbox. Figure out where you want to store your files.  Will your files be shared with other employees? Will you have a file for each company or one for each activity? Once you complete the plan and setup, stick to a regimen of filing at a specific time (once a day, once a week or whatever works for you).  If you are a person that doesn't like to organize, get motivated for this task by rewarding yourself with a treat once you complete the task.  



Learn to say "no".  Figure out what brings you the most bang for your buck and cut out the waste. Don't take on every job that comes your way.  Learn which job will bring you the most revenue with the least amount of effort. Does the job fit into your business strategy? Know your plan and maintain your focus.



Similar to social media, email is a big distraction.  It is a great thing to do when you are procrastinating on a project.  Turn off email previews/notifications so you aren't distracted every time an email comes in.  Set up specific times to do emails and stick to it.  Most people agree that getting the easy emails off your plate as soon as possible is most effective.  Establish a system on how you will prioritize emails and incorporate that into your regimen (see #1 above). 




Start to automate NOW!  You may not need it yet but if you are in business to succeed then you will grow.  It happens very quickly and you will be overwhelmed with all the other tasks associated with growth.  Any automation you can set up at the beginning will make it much easier in the long run. 



Don't stress out if you don't get everything done. IF that happens regularly, then it means your schedule is not realistic.  Just think about how important the things are that you didn't do and reschedule them according to their priority.  You are the boss.  Remember it's not about the destination, it is about the journey. 


Fretful Fred felt relieved.  Yoda's sage advice helped.  He knew that if he kept a good attitude and followed these tips, he could make running his business easy-peasy.  Fretful Fred said, "Once again Yoda, I am indebted to you.  Your wisdom brings me relief."


“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”
– Yoda