Digital Marketing Basics That Will Bring You Back to the Future

time travel

Have you seen the movie "Back to the Future"? It has been on T.V. a lot lately.  It was a movie I loved back in the 80's because it seemed so trippy.  Wouldn't it be awesome if we could time travel? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could go back in time and correct our dumb mistakes? 


I have made some really bad mistakes in business over the years.  Some of the wounds are still too raw to even talk about, others are now so hilarious that I can't believe how stupid I was.  



When I was around 19 or 20 years old, a friend and I decided we were going to start a cleaning business.  We didn't know the first thing about starting a business (but I always had the desire to do it).  We knew how to clean so we figured how could this idea go wrong?


This was back in early 1990's.  There was no internet or social media.  We decided to get the word out about our service the old-fashioned way.  We made flyers and stuck them in the windshields of a million cars at various office complexes around town.  Of course, these flyers had our phone number on them so people could contact us for our service.  We just waited for the calls to come in. 


Well, as you can imagine, many of these flyers flew around and created a lot of litter in the area.  I received a few embarrassing phone calls from office complex landlords.   They were very angry for the mess we caused.  Gulp!  I didn't even think of that.  It was a short-lived dream as our spirits were immediately dashed by the angry people that wanted nothing to do with our service.  Having a time machine would have come in handy!  


Marketing Today

Marketing used to be a totally different game.  Marketing meant cold calls, billboards, flyers, newspaper ads and various other inefficient tactics. The cost was high and the audience was very limited. 


Today, we have so many options available to market our products or services (and also more ways to embarrass ourselves).  Digital marketing has changed how we market.  Not only do we have access to a much wider audience, we have easy access to tools that can measure results from our campaigns in real time. 


This is scary for many business owners.  So much in fact that many older business owners refuse to change their ancient marketing processes and they won't embrace the new technology.  I think for many, they just don't understand what digital marketing is and how it can benefit their business.


What are the digital marketing basics? How can you use digital marketing to your benefit? What can it do for your business? 


The Basics


This is a very comprehensive and on-point overview on Digital Marketing.  This was put together by Mohammad Al Hallaq, a professional digital marketing expert.  He does a good job explaining the basics of digital marketing. 


Back to the Future

I used to feel bad about my mistakes but now I realize that they provided a valuable learning experience.  Those mistakes made me a better human and made me be a better business person. 

For those of you still hanging on to the "old times", it is time to come back to the future.  Understand and implement the basics of digital marketing. 


Elissa Talley