What Does the Color Purple Have to do With Inbound Marketing?

Circle of Color


Remember when you were a kid and picked the crayons for coloring?  The coloring wasn't as much fun as the act of going through the crayon box and picking the perfect color. 

Which colors did you pick?  You probably had crayons in your box that were worn down to the nub and others that were rarely touched.  Why did you like some better than others?

Did you know that color can: 

- Change the "taste" of your of food (have you ever ate a purple carrot?)

- Mean different things to different nationalities, genders and age

- Influence emotions (people wear bright colors to a wedding)

- Change the perception of a good or service

- Create a mood

- Increase brand recognition by 80% (Coca Cola, McDonalds)

- Can drive a customer to click on a call to action (use the right color for your audience)


There are so many things you can do with color that it can be confusing.


Why is choosing a color in inbound marketing important? 


Check out the video below and see just how much of an impact color can have on your marketing efforts.  


Elissa Talley