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Trouble-Free Solutions For Your Business

New business owners are overwhelmed with so many things to do.  I provide friendly, small town service when coordinating your small business digital marketing efforts.  I bring 20 years of marketing and program management experience and use that to develop trouble-free solutions for your business.  I am a rare provider of  firm-fixed-price services for email marketing campaigns and social media setup. Additionally, I have been praised for my professional writing skills.  My mission is to make your life easier by coordinating all your digital marketing efforts so you can see the forest through the trees.  

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I can provide you an estimate by project or by hour.  See the pricing page to order fixed price services. 

What Customers Have to Say About Elissa Talley Consulting......


Psychotherapist, Artist, Author of "Natural Disasters: A Love Story"

Geraldine Cantrell, M.A., L.P.C.

Northern Arizona University

Sedona, Arizona

I couldn't have asked for a more competent marketing consultant than Elissa Talley. Her knowledge, expertise, and communication skills have helped me promote my book in ways I never would have considered. Not only is she on target, very thorough and imaginative, she's also been a joy to work with. I'm blessed to have her in my corner. 



Senior Management Consultant for Trident Engineering

Trident Engineering

  Stevens Institute of Technology

Greater Los Angeles Area


I worked with Elissa for over 3 years on a Navy Program where she was the Navsea PM. Her dedication and management prowess greatly contributed to the success of the program. Elissa has the acumen to be successful in any project that she is involved with. I highly recommend Elissa for any endeavors that she is currently working on.



Public Health Practitioner

Oregon Health Authority

 The George Washington University

Portland, Oregon


Elissa’s expertise has proven to be invaluable. I seek her services for work I conduct with a variety of organizations. She excels at evaluating content, identifying and addressing issues, and providing insightful advice on how to make my marketing efforts more successful with outside agencies. Her ability to see the big picture and provide recommendations that align with my professional goals make my life easier. I never think twice about the resources she provides.