High Speed Is A Rush - How to Use Quick Decision Making in Your Business

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Time Flies 


You run a small business.  A few months ago you looked at potentially implementing email marketing in order to bring in new business.  You wanted to investigate the Return on Investment (ROI), the cost, the time commitment, the various providers, and some other variables. Things got away from you and it fell off your list. 


You did some investigating.  You know that the ROI for email marketing is very big but you haven't had time to research other data.  You hear that some key clients that you were hoping to attract have already been locked in by your key competitors. They ran an email marketing program and were able to target new customers months ago. You lost out on a big opportunity.  What should you have done?


Quick decision making in business is critical.  You can't afford to spend a lot of time making decisions.  If it takes you a year to decide, you stand to lose significant clients or significant market share. As a solopreneur or small business owner with so much to do, how can you make decisions quickly yet not make bad decisions? 


Elissa Talley