What Do Furballs Have to Do with Inbound Marketing

What is Growth Hacking?

What is Growth Hacking?

Have you ever heard a cat coughing up a furball? It sounds like hack, hack, hack

So, what do furballs have to do with inbound marketing? 

The sound of hack, hack, hack always makes me think of growth hacking. 

Growth Hacking is the buzzword of the day.  It is also a very confusing term to many.  What is it?  Does it relate to inbound marketing? 

What You Can Learn from Other Successful Companies

What can you do to rapidly increase your growth?  Robbie Richards in his article Growth Hacking: Strategies & Tactics Learned Studying 77 Hyper-Growth Companies uncovers the growth hacking strategies and techniques used by 77 of the most successful companies.  He leads you on a journey from acquiring your first customers to getting the skills needed to generate rapid traction in your market.   

Also, don't miss Neil Patel's video to get a really good understanding of growth hacking and while you are at it visit https://www.quicksprout.com/the-definitive-guide-to-growth-hacking/.  This is the most comprehensive guide to Growth Marketing.