What Does Canned Salmon Have to do With Inbound Marketing?


Doing Video terrifies me!

 I have never been one of those people that crave being in front of a camera.  Video seems to be the most exposed form of communication.  There you are.....raw, unprotected, defenseless.  How many takes before you can get it right? It seems like you never get it right but you go with the "best" of what you've got (especially if you don't know how to use iMovie very well).  I give credit to those doing this on a regular basis. 

The consensus amongst inbound marketing professionals is that adding variety to your inbound marketing campaigns can be very productive.  People like variety.  I can see how "mixing it up" can keep people interested.  So far, I have dabbled with text, animation, Slideshare, and infographics but have been putting off doing anything with video.  

I can see how this is beneficial to people.  Giving people different ways to learn new information makes sense.  That being said, it is clearly something that requires a lot of practice (like writing).  I went for it anyway because there is nothing like being uncomfortable in order to move forward and achieve your goals.