12 Vital Free and Easy Content Marketing Tools for Amateur Bloggers

Secret Chest Content Marketing

You are starting your new business.  You are excited to write your first blog and you start doing research.  OMG!!! How can you possibly make sense of all the tools out there? You are an amateur blogger. Which tools should you use first? Which are the most friendly to beginners? 


Neil Patel and other influential content marketers are great at providing exhaustive lists of great resources for blogging but these lists and tools can be very overwhelming to amateur bloggers. You are just starting to get your feet wet.


Many of the tools can be expensive.  Why spend any money on your content marketing at the beginning if you don't have to? There are plenty of free resources available to new bloggers.


This presentation includes the vital tools any amateur blogger will need to get started AND there is no charge for any of these tools.  This is a very consolidated list that any newbie can use in their basic tool kit until you get your feet wet. Some of these you can use now and some may want to get more comfortable with before you use routinely. 


This presentation shows the basic flow for creating content and the tools that will complement each step. Everyone has their own process for how they create content but most will essentially follow similar steps.


Practice with these tools and you will capture the essentials before you continue on your journey. 


Tools Summary:

  1. Hubspot inbound marketing course
  2. Buzzsumo
  3. Headline analyzer
  4. Google Keyword Planner
  5. Canva
  6. Animator
  7. Slide share
  8. Google Docs
  9. Grammerly
  10. Appropriate social media accounts
  11. MailChimp
  12. Free trial of Social Quant (in-depth 14-day tips on Twitter) 


** Please note that some of the free versions of these programs leave their branding attached to your output (i.e. Animaker)  but it really doesn't distract that much from your message (if at all).