How to Create Ideas That Will Blow People Away [Infograph]

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Your mind is weary, your vision is blurred and your palms are sweaty.  You can’t stand the blinking cursor on the blank page just taunting you.  You can’t come up with one new idea! It seems they have all been taken.  You are stuck! How can you create a business when you can’t think of a name, a vision, a tagline, anything that you need to get started? If you can’t even get past this point, how will you come up with gobs of content that you will need later?  If only there was a way to free your mind and a process for creating new ideas….

Last week I introduced you to my friend Fretful Fred.  You will get to know him quite well. Years ago, Fretful Fred managed to go through several jobs yet never finding one that really pleased him. He always hated the standard schedules, the bad bosses, the commute, the office politics, the pointless meeting and so many other things.  He didn’t know how he could possibly make it to retirement continuing to work this way.  He had always dreamed of starting his own business but really didn’t know where to start.  

Fretful Fred remembers the day that he met an older man at the park named Yoda .  Fred explained to Yoda that he wanted to start a construction business.  Yoda was able to give him 13 small business tips to get started.  Fretful Fred and Yoda planned on meeting each week to discuss other helpful small business tips.


Fretful Fred’s Journey Continues….


Creating Ideas Museum Pictures

For the second meeting, Fretful Fred and Yoda decided to meet at the art museum.  Earlier that week, Fretful Fred had mentioned that he was stuck and was not able to generate any new ideas for moving forward.  Yoda believed that a museum filled with creativity would be just the right atmosphere to  clear Fred's head. They met at the entrance and Yoda explained to Fred that he had some helpful tips for Fred that would get him unstuck.  Fred was relieved.  He had spent the week trying to come up with a name and vision for his business but was going around in circles. Nothing he came up with seemed right.  He needed a way to get his brain moving….


After Yoda advised Fretful Fred on some of the available resources, Fred felt much better.  He had some tools that he could use to get moving in the right direction.  Fred said, “Thank you so much Yoda.  You are really helping me get started on the right path.”  


“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” - Yoda
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