13 Small Business Tips Everyone Should Know

Chatting About Small Business Tips

You know how when people go to the doctors and they are too afraid to admit to embarrassing symptoms?  They usually start out saying something like “Well, you know doc, I have this friend and ……. “  It feels better if we don’t have to admit to our embarrassing shortcomings.  I am going to tell you the story of my friend.  You will get to know him quite well.  His name is Fretful Fred.  Right now Fretful Fred is leading the good life.  He isn’t sure how it all started but now he is running  a profitable business and loving every minute of it!  It wasn’t always like that….


Years ago, Fretful Fred managed to go through several jobs yet never finding one that really pleased him. He always hated the standard schedules, the bad bosses, the commute, the office politics, the pointless meetings and so many other things.  He didn’t know how he could possibly make it to retirement continuing to work this way.  He had always dreamed of starting his own business but really didn’t know where to start.  


Fretful Fred’s Journey

One day, Fretful Fred was eating lunch in the park when an older gentleman sat next to him on the bench and started to talk about what a lucky man he was.  He told Fred of his old life as an accountant and then how he started a business as a photographer. He looked so at peace with the world.  Fred mentioned to him how he had always wanted to start his own construction business but didn’t know where to begin. The older gentleman introduced himself as Yoda and Fretful Fred realized that this had to be fate. Perhaps Yoda could give him all the small business tips that could get him started.  


Fretful Fred said, “Yoda, I really need some good business advice”.  Would you mind giving me some small business tips so I know how to begin? Yoda nodded his head up and down and said he would be happy to show Fred the way.  He said he would show him how to get from his ordinary world into the special and enlightened world of entrepreneurship.  He said, “let me start with the first 13 things you need to know (he said he picked “13” because it was almost Halloween and that it had to be a lucky number)”......


Fretful Fred was already embarrassed because he knew that he had not been following a lot of this advice.  It wasn't because he didn't want to, it was just that he didn't know any better.  He said to Yoda, "These are some great tips and I think there is a lot for me to get started with.  Do you mind if we meet next week so I can get some more pointers as I move forward with my new business? Yoda said, "Yes my friend."

“Always pass on what you have learned.”  - Yoda